Jim Bearden & Associates, P.L.L.C. (JBA) is a litigation firm committed to the well-being of its clients and dedicated to keeping the client fully informed of the progress of their case and the various choices they can make throughout the litigation process. JBA strives to obtain the optimum outcome for the client with an emphases on the long term solution to the litigation problem. Clients are the ones who must live with the results of litigation and we fully understand that many clients have a limited understanding of the issues involved in their cases. Accordingly, legal assistants or attorneys are available on quick turnaround to respond to questions from the client. JBA is one of the few law firms to provide written information regarding various aspects of Civil Procedure and other relevant law via our Web page. Please feel free to review our available law summaries on this web site.

A successful outcome in a legal matter is best achieved by a good working relationship between the client and the attorney. We encourage the client to provide us information and keep us fully informed as to what is going on in their lives or involving any facet regarding the case. Since every case involves a consideration by the adjudicator of both the facts and the law, the client and JBA working closely together are most likely to prevail in any given situation.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
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Primary office is located at 2404 Roosevelt Drive in Arlington, Texas.