The attorneys at JW Bearden & Associates, PLLC have extensive experience in litigating a variety of complex family law matters. Other than just divorce and custody issues, out team has experience litigating the following matters:


  • Claims of adultery and cruelty

  • Disproportionate share of the community estate

  • Common law marriage claims and defenses

  • Hidden assets and undisclosed funds

  • Parental alienation

  • Complicated cross-border jurisdictional disputes

  • Kidnapping or abduction of minor children

  • Allegations of sexual abuse, child neglect or abuse


We are unlike many family lawyers in that we look for the overall holistic approach to your family law issues. Using compassion and creativity, we utilize child-focused solutions for high-conflict and transitioning families throughout the Dallas and New Orleans areas.


For an initial case evaluation, call 214-396-7622 (DALLAS) or 504-930-4330 (NEW ORLEANS). Or send an email using our secure online form. We return all messages promptly.