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The attorneys at JW Bearden & Associates have extensive experience in conducting internal investigations, both domestically and abroad, for public and private corporations, as well as for audit committees and other special in-house committees.


Our attorneys have conducted investigations in numerous areas, including investigations arising from allegations of accounting fraud, healthcare fraud, government contracting fraud, bribery, insider trading, executive improprieties, embezzlement, whistleblower complaints, sexual harassment complaints and conversion of company funds. We have conducted hundreds of investigations for corporate or governmental entities in moments of crisis.


We know the importance of conducting investigations that are focused and thorough, yet discreet, and that enable management to readily understand what, if anything, has happened and how to respond.


If you require a law firm that excels at obtaining the facts and evidence you need to win your case, contact JWB & Associates. 214-396-7622 (Dallas) or 504-930-4330 (New Orleans)

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